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Industrial lumber

Browse our industrial lumber products for heavy equipment, construction and railroad applications.

Poles & Pilings

Available both pressure-treated and untreated in the following species:

  • Douglas Fir
  • Western Red Cedar
  • Lodgepole Pine
  • Ponderosa Pine
  • Southern Yellow Pine

For your convenience Poles and Piling can deliver via rail or truck. Self-loading trucks are also available for delivery to your yard or jobsite. In addition to Poles and Piling, we can offer wood cross-arms and transmission arms treated and framed to your specific needs. Long lengths are our specialty.

Railroad Ties

PacWest is a supplier of both new and used wood railroad ties. These ties are normally Creosote treated however other treatments are available for special usage particularly in environmentally-sensitive areas.

Wood Railroad Ties conform to AREMA specifications and are available in most sizes however 6×8 and 7×9 represent the majority of usage. Both Grade ties and Industrial Grade are available.

Cross-ties are available in:

Switch ties are available in lengths up to 28′

New wood railroad ties are available in both hardwood and softwood.

PacWest can also supply Relay Ties that are graded for soundness of wood, lack of splits and crushing in the plate area, creosote retention, and worn holes from spikes, etc.

Exposed / Architectural Beams

One of the principal uses of timbers is as exposed beams. Although Douglas Fir is often the preferred species, various other softwood species are in demand including Hem-Fir, White Pine, Western Red Cedar, and Lodgepole Pine.

Quality and Strength

Exposed beams represent the best of both worlds: high quality appearance and superior structural integrity. They are produced both kiln dried and unseasoned.

Exposed beams are available in the following:

  1. rough sawn
  2. resawn to a specified size (e.g. ALS surfaced sizes)
  3. Surfaced

Timber Trusses

The creation and manufacturing of Timber Trusses is a service now offered by Pacific Western. Using Heavy Timbers, or Glu-Lam Beams, with your ideas and/or completed drawings we can create and build the Timber Trusses for any project.

Send us an idea scribbled on a simple piece of paper and we will provide artistic, structural and shop drawings prior to building your Timber Trusses. Send us your completed, structural drawings and we will drill, fit and finish your Timber Trusses to the exact specifications.

Pacific Western has completed projects in commercial and residential Timber Trusses. We can match existing or imagined fit and finishes when constructing your desired building or house.

All Timber Truss packages are pre-stained and pre-assembled in the factory to insure a perfect fit. The Timber Trusses are wrapped and shipped as pre-assembled as transportation will allow.

Wood Crane Mats

Pacific Western offers an array of solid wood crane mats. We use both Hardwood and Softwood species to fabricate the crane mats to customer specifications.

Our mats are employed for crane, bridge, access, road, outrigger, rig mats and transfer applications.

We can custom fabricate crane mats to required lengths and sizes from our mill sources.

Each crane mat is made safer by counter-sinking all hardware ensuring that any bolts are cut flush to the surface of the mat. This attention to detail insures that our mats are safe for all jobsite applications. The sizes of the mats we produce are not limited because of the full compliment of materials available to us. We also have the capability of constructing mats using LVL or laminated lumber to meet engineering requirements.

Mine Guides/Shaft Sets

This gold mine project, in Manitoba, required all of the interior shaft framing and the shaft guides for the elevator. This project was performed, and submitted, from CAD II drawings provided by the client. PacWest cut, trimmed, framed and drilled all components to the exact specifications on the CAD II program.