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Timber Frame for a Napa California winery. PacWest provided all Timbers, decking, purlins, drilling, hardware, staining and engineering for the 54’ span trusses. The trusses were manufactured at our plant in Washington, finished and pre-assembled to insure a proper fit. The trusses arrived at the jobsite partially assembled and were erected in two days. The pre-manufacturing of Timber Trusses allows for a very short erection schedule at the site.

Mason County PUD

This project was a 350kv transmission line replacement across the Skokomish River Delta. Pacific Western provided all of the access and river crossing mats and stringers on this very difficult jobsite. Not only were the soil conditions soft, but the tidal flow brought water onto the site twice per 24 hour day. All of the mats had to be staked and wired together to keep the roadbed from floating away. PacWest rented EMTEK engineered mats and stringers for this difficult and time sensitive job to the foundation contractor. All of the outages were met, and the environmental impact was under minimums.

Sisters Ranch

This 680 acre ranch project included a main house, managers’ house, guest house, cow barn, feed barn, maintenance/repair shop, six miles of fence, and a 104,000 square foot arena with attached stables. Pacific Western provided all framing materials, Timbers trusses, Laminated Beams, decking, siding, and treated posts and rails for the fence. The build out was over a three year period and required a consistent supply of the highest quality materials available.

Modesto Ranch

A 400 acre ranch house, in the Modesto California area, was designed by one of the top architects in the country. The main house and barn required a large amount of clear Western Red Cedar for posts, beams, paneling, and soffit. All of the cedar required careful attention to drying and seasoning due to the very warm and dry climate. PacWest kiln dried the paneling and soffit and air/fan dried the clear timbers with exceptional results.

Napa Valley Barn

Napa Valley wineries’ new fermentation barn was a timber frame construction project. PacWest provided all of the KD Douglas Fir timbers and siding to the framer for precise cut and fit. The material provided was erected using a mortise and tenon method without any steel connecters. This method of timber framing requires precisely milled product to yield an acceptable finished product.